5 Things That Happen When You Get Engaged

As I write this I have been engaged for eight months. How anyone plans a wedding in a year is beyond me, I’m still adjusting to the fact that someone is mad enough to want to spend the rest of their life with me! However, there are a few things I’ve noticed happening in the months following the proposal and I know I can’t be alone in this. Here are 5 things that happen when you get engaged:



You blow your entire wedding budget on wedding magazines
The first thing I did when I got engaged (after drinking all the prosecco and telling my nearest and dearest, of course) was leg it to Easons and pick up Confetti magazine. I’ve always been a fan of the mag but didn’t buy it on the regular because, you know, bunny boiler alert. Now I am officially engaged I can read it to my heart’s content. There are lots of good wedding magazines on the market but I limit myself to just one as they are quite pricey and buying them can become addictive when you get engaged! Confetti is my favourite, it’s full of quirky ideas and the real weddings they feature are always gorgeous.


Your friends tag you in everything wedding/marriage/hen party related they find on the internet
Once it’s on Facebook its official, right? When you change your relationship status prepare to be tagged in every funny wedding story and article on hen party ideas online. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Every TV show/movie containing proposals/weddings make you totes emosh
Maybe this one just applies to me as I am an emotional mess most of the time anyway but after you get engaged all the romantic proposals and weddings in movies just hit you right in the feels. Make sure to keep a packet of tissues at the ready!


You’ll tell the engagement story 100 times, and it never gets old
Naturally, when you get engaged everyone wants to know the details of the proposal story. Where was it? Did he get down on one knee? Were you surprised? And you’ll tell the story again and again. It’s one that never gets old, though, and whether it was a grand gesture or something simple and sweet it’s a lovely story to tell.


Wait, weddings cost how much???
Before I was engaged I had a rough idea of how much a wedding might set you back. I was very wrong. Once you start really looking into all the tiny details that make up a really great wedding the cost seriously adds up and eloping starts to sound like a genuinely good idea. Sorry mam.


Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments!


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