Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. My name is Ciara and I’m a 24 year old blogger from Dublin. I like to blog about beauty, food, travel and everything in between.


I am not a makeup artist or a skincare expert and all advice/reviews given are my own personal opinion from my own experience with products. All products reviewed have been bought by me unless otherwise stated. I always test skincare products for a minimum of two weeks before giving a review. All reviews are 100% honest and genuine, there’s none of that messin’ here!

Contact me:


Twitter: @PiccoloLovely

Instagram: @PiccoloLovely

1 comment on “About and Contact”

  1. I just can’t believe I lived in Dublin for 2 years and never found your blog while I was there!!!
    Unfortunately in Brazil is not that easy to find the products we easily find in Dublin (in Europe in general).
    But still, I will come around often to check out the tips. Maybe someday you’ll use something I can find in here!
    Love the blog!
    Keep up!
    All the best!

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