Penny's Make up Brushes

I’d be the first one to admit that I am a self-confessed makeup brush snob. Or at least I was. When I passed the phase of using the tiny applicators that came with eye shadows it was only the best for me, which usually meant shelling out €40+ for just one brush. Plenty of brands have started offering affordable brushes that actually work and it’s now a lot easier to pick up a decent set for less than €100.

Penny’s have taken it to a whole other level with their new makeup brushes that will set you back less than a bag of chips. I was skeptical when I picked them up but gave then a fair try. I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks now and have given them all a good clean within that time. I’ve had zero shedding from these. Zilch. I’ve had luxe brands start shedding after I’ve washed them.

Penny's Retractable Powder Brush

My least favourite of the bunch is the retractable powder brush; it smells kind of odd and is just a bit meh but it’s OK for lashing on loose powder. The flat foundation brush is the stand out for me, it’s just really good and gets the job done. I’d honestly put it at the same level as some more expensive foundation brushes. I know flat foundation brushes aren’t in fashion anymore and everyone’s mad about buffing it on but this blends my foundation perfectly every time. Oh! These are double ended so there’s two brushes for just €2.50, the foundation brush has a small concealer brush at the end. Absolute steal! The powder/blusher brush is grand too, it’s really soft and doesn’t shed at all. Can’t argue with that.

Penny's Makeup Brush Cleanser

The Makeup Brush Cleanser is good for spot cleaning in-between big washes and is just €2.50. These brushes really make me reconsider splashing the cash on brushes in the future. Sure, all of these cost me less than a tenner. I’ll definitely be checking out more budget options from Penny’s , especially now that I have to save my Euro’s for my Christmas shopping!


Have you tried Penny’s makeup brushes? What are your favourite budget makeup brushes?




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