I’ve been using Trilogy’s Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm for about two months now and I am really impressed. I can’t say I’m surprised, anything I’ve tried from Trilogy has been great and their products are priced really well. €25 will get you an 80ml tub of this stuff which is fair considering the quality. I was worried when I picked it up as it’s quite thick in texture and full of oils and I’m still traumatised from years of battling breakouts after using products too rich for my oily skin. Will I ever learn? Nope, so I bought this and proceeded to slather it all over my face.

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

My absolute favourite thing about Trilogy’s Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm is that it doesn’t make me feel like I’m going blind after using it to remove eye make-up. Most oils/balms leave my eyes red and stinging but this doesn’t at all and it’s fairly decent at removing mascara and eyeliner. If you’re a fan of waterproof formulations you might want to use a separate remover, though. It does a great job of ridding my face of foundation. It’s quite rich to begin with but massaging it into the skin with a little water it breaks down into a light oil. I’ve used it a few times to double cleanse and my skin feels really clean and soft afterwards.

Ingredients wise it has coconut oil, mango oil and, of course, rosehip oil which all work hard to repair skin and keep it well hydrated.  It comes with a sustainably produced, organic cotton cloth which is grand. Sure it’s just a face cloth but that’s more bang for your 25 bucks.

I’m really impressed with this cleansing balm and it has quickly become one of my favourites, I’d even go as far as to put it ahead of other more spendy cleansers like Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm and Clinique’s Take The Day Off. I’ll definitely be buying this one again, especially at that price point.



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