Ah, Vichy. I’ve been using Vichy products on my face since I was about 16. It was a glorious discovery after months of trying to clear my spots with cheap, harsh products that only seemed to make things worse. It is the one brand I can honestly say never let me down. So, needless to say, I was dying to try their new additions to the Pureté Thermale range which consists of cleansers and makeup removers for sensitive skin. I picked up the Fresh Cleansing Gel and Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil and have been using them almost exclusively as my double cleanse routine for the last couple of months.

Vichy Pureté Thermale Double Cleansing Duo

The Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil really piqued my interest; I’ve been obsessed with oil cleansing recently and have been using micellar water in a pinch. So, this was bound to be amazing, right? Well, it’s your run of the mill makeup removing oil. It’s a good one, but it doesn’t have any bells or whistles but sure for an oil, that’s grand. It makes very short work of foundation and powder but I find it struggles a little with heavy eye makeup; I’d use a separate eye makeup remover for anything heavier than mascara and a bit of cream shadow. Despite this, I’d still rate it as one of the best oils I’ve used. It’s very light and turns quite milky when water is added and it rinses off very easily. I gradually add water as I’m massaging it into my skin and then use a facecloth to remove it completely. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or dry it out at all. It contains Camellia Oil and Vitamin E which keep my visage nice and hydrated. My skin feels really clean after using this oil I almost feel like skipping my second cleanse. 


I know, I know, foaming cleansers are the devil. The Fresh Cleansing Gel does foam up when it comes into contact with water but it’s not the worst I’ve used and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry in the slightest. In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how bright and clear my skin looks after using this cleanser. Breakouts have been reduced to an absolute minimum and oiliness and shine have also gone missing since this showed up. My skin looks more fresh and awake after cleansing and feels squeaky clean. I’ve been using these two as my evening double cleanse for weeks now (I had to replace the oil but the gel is lasting ages) and I can’t see my self making a big switch anytime soon. One of the things that impresses me most about Vichy is their ability to bring out skincare to rival the luxe brands but at affordable prices and these are no exception. You can pick up the Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil for €16.50 and the Fresh Cleansing Gel for €15 from Boots and most good pharmacies.

Have you used anything from the Pureté Thermale range? What are your favourite Vichy products?




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